Darou Darman Arang is a fast growing pharmaceutical Company in Iran.

Our Story

We are a fast growing pharmaceutical company manufacturing our own brands and representing  pharmaceutical companies from around the world in Iran to import medicines.

DAROU DARMAN ARANG acts as the representative agent for specialty, rare disease, biotech and vaccine producing companies looking to penetrate to Iran. We are the preferred strategic partner, providing turn-key solutions and support for their commercial operations……  Read more 



We have ensured world-class quality in design, equipment and operations in our manufacturing facility. Our units ensure that we are able to provide best-in-class products to patients across the Iran and emerging markets around. Our manufacturing operations are focused on producing generics and branded generics, in the full range of dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, injectable, pre-filled syringe and freeze dried powder. ……  Read more 


Imports of Finished Pharmaceuticals

As the pioneer of our mission to meet the needs of the health society across IRAN and beyond with our expert staffs and facilities to import different health care products…… Read more 


Research & Development Department

We in R&D department aimed to Reach to various market requirements and high quality products, by representing formulation and providing new method analysis, taking advantage of experienced Experts, using the most up to dated sources of pharmaceuticals and advanced devices. In addition to exploitation of cooperation and consultation of prominent University professors and other authentic science centers.

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Having sufficient knowledge of drug registration rules & regulations for registration of products
Adequately capability of registering new products in the Drug National List
Well knowledge of the drug, raw material and food supplement approval process and registration bureaucracy in Ministry of Health
Submitting registration documents to MOH

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15 Feb

Safety surveillance of bevacizumab biosimilar (Bevax) in Argentina

Benefit-risk evaluations are mandatory throughout the life cycle of a therapeutic agent, to guarantee efficacy for the authorized indications without an unacceptable incidence of adverse effects. This monitoring can be carried out using pharmacovigilance (PhV) procedures, which are vital in the identification and prevention of adverse drug reactions (ADRs). Due to the inherent variability of bioproduction, this is of paramount importance for biological products, including biosimilars.

15 Feb

PanGen gains Malaysian approval for epoetin alfa biosimilar

South Korea-based biotechnology company PanGen Biotech (PanGen) announced on 7 February 2019 that Malaysia’s National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency has granted sales approval for Erisa, an epoetin alfa biosimilar.

15 Feb

European regulatory framework for approval of biosimilars – perspectives and future developments

Regulatory agencies around the world have reviewed and approved marketing authorization applications for biosimilars via specific marketing authorization procedures that vary between jurisdictions. In Europe, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has already more than 10 years of experience with review of applications and approval of biosimilars for use in the European Union.

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